Please Help Westside Range!

Having served the New York metropolitan area since 1964, Westside has evolved into a full service shooting range that caters to a variety of shooters.

We have weathered the constant attack on our 2nd Amendment rights providing New Yorkers with a safe and friendly environment.

Over the past 56 years we have survived Hurricanes, Blackouts and of course 9/11. Never have I thought that we would be beaten that our doors would never open again.

Funds needed are immediate, our Lease demands Monthly Rent Payments that we are hard pressed to produce.

This is really basic, If Rent isn’t dealt with our NYC Shooting Community might not recover. I know West Side won’t be able to.


Beach vs. Kelly Will Be Overturned by US Supreme Court This Fall (Transporting Handguns Outside NYC)

For over a decade New York City residents have not been able to take their handguns into Yonkers, what to speak of New Jersey or Long Island to go shooting or compete in competitions.

The Democrat Party Sausage making judges rubber stamp any outrage the City Council or the Mayor demand with regards to stripping New Yorker’s  of their second amendment rights.

One activist democrat judge after the other insist gun ownership is a privilege to be doled out by the libs as they see fit – that the US Constitution has no purview in this state.

Year after year the Supreme Court of the United States refuses to hear our pleas for relief through the judicial process.

Useless Justice Kennedy is no more. Today we have Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. Today the US Supreme Court has stated it will hear the case that will get rid of Beach vs. Kelly forever and return to New Yorker’s their constitutional right to travel anywhere they wish with their property.

This case might also open the door to the eradication of many of the most vile anti-gun laws in New York as well as other lib controlled states.

Today is a day of great celebration. One of the foundational planks of the anti-gun scheme ruling New York City is about to die this October.

Read more about this at Breitbart.

The Passing of James D. Surdo Jr.

It is with much sadness I can report that Jimmy Surdo has passed away.

Jimmy was a fixture at Westside Range, as well as in the gun community in New York City’s five boroughs.

Jimmy was the force behind the Chelsea Gun Club as well as a resource and advocate for lawful gun ownership in the City.

During the course of his life he wore many hats. From Law Enforcement to civilian gun advocate to family man. But the one hat I shall always remember was the one of “friend”.

My condolences to the family that he leaves behind.

“The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living”
– Cicero, Marcus Tullius

Wayne LaPierre | We Will Never Waver

NRA Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre vows that when it comes to the Second Amendment and the due process principles upon which our nation stands, the National Rifle Association will never, ever waver. The NRA will stand clearly and proudly for the absolute protection of the entire bill of rights, LaPierre promises, and will reject any proposal that fails to respect the ultimate authority of every law-abiding American’s individual freedom.The NRA chief also calls for the tens of millions of law-abiding, freedom-loving patriots to stand up and strengthen the NRA’s voice at this time of great need. Now is the time, says LaPierre, for all of us to join together in defense of the principles that make America the greatest nation on earth.