RINOism is DEAD – Time to Officially Bury it!

The RINO faction of the GOP was involved in ‘Operation Dump Trump’ as well, don’t think for a moment they weren’t.

They were being self-enriched and empowered by the ‘old system’ just fine. They didn’t want to see it end, either. But it did the moment Trump won the GOP nomination in 2016.

And now that faction is gone. For good.

Facebook is Satan

At the time that MySpace was amassing its biggest audience, Facebook was just getting its feet wet on college campuses.

Now it’s perverting the American electoral process.

The role that Facebook played in gaming the 2020 presidential election for the idiot Democrat is becoming clearer — and scarier — every day. It’s not a pretty picture.

In a relatively short time, Facebook has become the heavyweight champion of propaganda. Zuck & Co. decide what is and isn’t news. Spoiler alert: the truth is often a casualty.