Deutschland, Bleiche Mutter (Germany, Pale Mother)

by Bertolt Brecht 1933 (Spoken by His Daughter Hanne Hiob 1979)

Let others speak of their disgrace,
I am speaking of my own.

O Germany, pale mother!
How you sit defiled
among the peoples.
Among the besmirched
you stand out.

Of your sons the poorest lies struck doiwn.
When his hunger was great.
Your other sons
Raised their hands against him.
This is notorious.

With their hands thus raised,
Raised against their brother,
They stride around insolent before you
And laugh in your face.
This is well known.

In your house
Lies are loudly bawled.
But the truth
Must keep silent.
Is it so?

Why do the oppressors on all sides praise you everywhere,
but the oppressed indict you?
The exploited
Point their fingers at you, but
The exploiters laud the system
Devised in your house.

And at the same time all see you
Hiding the hem of your skirt which is bloody
With the blood
Of your best sons.

When they hear the speeches issuing from
your house
people laugh.
But whoever sees you grips his knife
as one seeing a murderess.

O Germany, pale mother!
What have your sons done to you
That you sit among the peoples
A mockery or a threat?


Author: Glenn

Glenn has been involved with firearms since the 1980s, whether by writing articles in support of the average citizen’s right to bear arms, acting as a firearms instructor or as an outspoken activist, most notably as the founder of New York City Guns.