Getting A NYC Rifle & Shotgun Permit

Getting a NYC Rifle/Shotgun Permit

A NYC Rifle or Shotgun Permit takes only a few hours to submit, but you will wait about a year for them to process your paperwork. In the 1970s NYC made it illegal to posses a rifle or shotgun without one of their permits.

Rifle/Shotgun Section 120-55 Queens Blvd, B-11 Kew Gardens, New York 11424 718-520-9300

Rifle/Shotgun Section is now accepting credit card payments for NEW applications and fingerprint fees.

  1. Complete each form as directed and answer all questions. All entries must be clearly printed in ink (Blue or Black) or typed.
  2. The minimum age to receive a permit is 21.
  3. If you were ever arrested for any crime or violation you must submit a certificate of disposition from the court concerned indicating the offense and the final disposition of the charges. You must do this even if the case was dismissed, the record sealed or the case nullified by operation of law (i.e. Youthful Offender status). The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services will report to us every instance involving the arrest of an applicant. Do not rely on anyone’s representation that you need not list a previous arrest. ANY OMISSION OF A PREVIOUS ARREST MAY RESULT IN THE DENIAL OF YOUR APPLICATION. You must submit a notarized statement explaining the circumstances of each arrest.
  4. If you were ever convicted of a felony or a serious offense you must obtain a New York State Certificate of Relief from Forfeitures and Disabilities. Serious offenses are listed in section 265.00(17) of the Penal Law. They include any offense involving drugs or narcotics, any sex offense, any violation of the laws pertaining to the illegal use or possession of a pistol or other dangerous weapon, possession of burglars tools and receiving stolen property.
  5. To apply for a New York State Certificate of Relief from Forfeitures and Disabilities contact either the Division of Probation, the Department of Parole or the Court in which you were convicted.
  6. If you served in the Armed Forces of the United States, you must submit your separation papers (DD 214) and your discharge. If you received other than an honorable discharge, you must submit a notarized statement explaining the reason for discharge.
  7. If your answer to Questions 3, 4 or 5 on the application is YES you must submit a letter from a licensed physician stating that he/she has examined you within the past 30 days, that the examination included a review of your past medical history and all pertinent hospital and institutional records, and must conclude that you are capable of possessing a rifle and or shotgun without presenting a danger of harm to yourself (applicant) or to others. Further evidence may be requested.
  8. The application fee is $140.00. The fingerprint fee is $94.25 for fingerprints done on the Livescan machine. If you require inked prints, the fee is $105.25. You may pay the fees with a credit card or two POSTAL MONEY ORDERS, BANK TELLER’S CHECKS OR CERTIFIED CHECKS. Cash is not accepted. Please make your money orders or checks payable to the “New York City Police Department.” No personal checks will be accepted.
  9. You will be fingerprinted at the Rifle/Shotgun Section.
  10. Four color photographs, (Taken from the chest up, 1½ x 1½), of the applicant must accompany the application. (Taken within last 30 days).
  11. You must submit proof of your present address. Acceptable forms of proof are utility bills, such as gas, electric or telephone bills, or a notarized lease. The utility bill must show your name and current address and must not be more than sixty (60) days old . If you do not have a lease or a utility bill in your name, a notarized statement from the person with whom you reside, accompanied by a utility bill in their name showing the same address is acceptable. Further documentation may be required.
  12. If you were born in the United States, you must submit your birth certificate. If there is no record of your birth on file with the Department of Health or the Bureau of Vital Statistics, some other proof of your birth date, e.g., a military record, U.S. Passport or baptismal certificate, must be submitted.
  13. If you were born outside of the United States, you must submit your naturalization papers, valid U.S. Passport or other evidence of citizenship if derived from your parents. All other applicants born outside the United States must submit their ALIEN REGISTRATION CARD.
  14. A notarized acknowledgment statement. (Form supplied by this office)
  15. It is unlawful to possess rifles or shotguns in New York City without obtaining a permit issued by the New York City Police Department.
  16. Social Security Card: All persons filing applications must bring their original Social Security cards with them to the Rifle/Shotgun Section when applying for a permit.


All rifles and shotguns owned by a permit holder must be registered with the Police Department. There is no charge for registering firearms. The registration of a rifle or shotgun can be accomplished by filling out the registration form, PD 641-121, and mailing the two top copies (Green) to: License Division, Rifle/Shotgun Section, Room B11, 120-55 Queens Blvd., Kew Gardens, N.Y. 11424.

NYC Law mandates an individual can only obtain ONE rifle or shotgun every 90 days.

Click here for the Rifle/Shotgun permit application package.

Click here for Special Theatrical Permit Instructions.

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NONE OF THIS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED LEGAL ADVICE. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of NY gun laws.

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