Home Firearm Safety

Note: In order to have the NRA process this discipline and certify you, you must have either completed the Basic Instructor Training (BIT) class previously or you must take it now.


Lesson Details

LESSON SIX (30 min) – Classroom

  • Goal of NRA Home Firearm Safety Course
  • Structure of the NRA Home Firearm Safety Course Outline and Lesson Plans
  • NRA policies and procedures for course length, materials, and teaching methods
  • Outline the content of the course

LESSON SEVEN (90 min) – Classroom

  • Importance of firearm safety
  • NRA gun safety rules
  • Parents’ responsibilities to teach children about gun safety
  • How to identify and unload rifles, pistols, and shotguns of various types

LESSON EIGHT (90 min) – Classroom

  • Safe handling practical exercise according to lesson plans
  • Ammunition components, types, compatibility, and firing sequence
  • Procedures for safe and proper cleaning of firearms
  • Guidelines for safe firearm storage
  • EXTRA – If time permits (10 min) – Classroom
  • Video: Fundamentals of Gun Safety (NRA)

EXAMINATION & CONCLUSION (90 min) – Classroom

  • Role of the examination in the training process
  • Student evaluations
  • Importance of student recognition
  • Take instructor certification test: Score of 90% required for full certification
  • Applying to the NRA for certification


  • 5-Hour Classroom
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