Home Firearm Safety Ins.

Home Firearm Safety Lesson Details

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LESSON ONE (60 min) – Classroom

  • Cause of Gun Accidents
  • Basic Elements of Gun Safety
  • Three Fundamentals of Safe Gun Handling
  • Other Rules for Using or Storing Guns
  • Teaching Gun Safety to Children
  • Learn How Firearm Accidents Are Declining

(60 min) – Classroom

  • Identify Different Types of Handguns and their Parts
  • Unload Various Types of Handguns
  • Identify Different Types of Rifles and their Parts
  • Unload Various Types of Rifles
  • Identify Different Types of Shotguns and their Parts
  • Unload Various Types of Shotguns
  • Be Familiar with Muzzleloading Firearms

(60 min) – Classroom

  • Safely Handle the Different Types of Firearms Mentioned in Lesson Two

(60 min) – Classroom

  • Know Different Types of Rifle Cartridges, Handgun Cartridges, and Shotgun Shells
  • Ammunition Firing Sequence
  • Know How to Clean Firearms Properly
  • Know How to Safely Store Firearms


4-Hour Classroom & Range