MUST WATCH: Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing

UPDATE: I had to find new versions of this video because YouTube banned them! Thanks to for being pro 1A and hosting them!

When the gaslighting gets too much, just relax and let common sense reassert itself in your mind.

The reporter trying to justify his position at 22 minutes is a major part of the problem. He should just realize he chose to buy into a false narrative of over-exaggerated mortality rates to scare the US and the rest of the world to serve a totalitarian agenda pushed by lefty types.

Dumb reporters, politicians and fools on social media can scare people all they like – they still don’t understand science, the scientific method, or how the world actually works.

So fuck them.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole hour…here is a 12 minute section that distills the whole hour:


Author: Glenn

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