New York City Guns Presents MNN: Trump Disavows Ann Vandersteel 1/24/19

Ann Vandersteel, of YourVoice America infamy, has now managed to get disavowed by the Trump Administration for falsely claiming she was a surrogate and member of the 2020 campaign staff.

Ginger McQueen and TJ bring you all the details.

“Vandersteel, president of the far-right media outlet YourVoice America, is firmly on the fringe.

She has tweeted that the nonsensical Pizzagate conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton and other high-ranking Democrats operate a pedophile sex dungeon out of a Washington, D.C. pizzeria is “all true” and “real.” Vandersteel has also promoted debunked 9/11 conspiracy theories, suggesting in January that a bomb brought down the World Trade Center’s Building 7 site. She has championed QAnon, the bizarre conspiracy theory that posits that Trump is engaged in a secret war with a global cabal of Democratic pedophiles. And she has claimed that nearly 80 percent of world leaders are pedophiles.”