Basic Instructor Training (BIT)

Basic Instructor Training

All NRA Instructor training courses require this pre-requisite training course.  This course is a six (6) hour classroom-only course, which covers the common firearms instruction techniques, policy & procedure, and other information needed for all instructors to successfully teach firearms training courses.

Opening Exercise (30 min) – Classroom

  • Complete pre-course questionnaire and registration card (back of card for one paragraph describing background)
  • State the goal of Part One of an NRA Instructor Training Course
  • Basic guidelines for introducing a speaker
  • Background of instructor candidates present
  • Introduce instructor candidates to the class

LESSON ONE (60 min) – Classroom

  • Importance of training to both shooters and instructors
  • NRA’s ‘Total Participant Involvement’ (TPA)
  • Eight fundamentals for training people
  • Purpose of NRA Basic Firearms Training Program and Instructor Program
  • Eligibility requirements, responsibilities, and personal qualities of NRA Certified Instructors

LESSON TWO (60 min) – Classroom

  • Function of a training team
  • Advantages of using a training team
  • Responsibilities of training team members in an NRA course
  • The ‘Buzz Group’ method of training

LESSON THREE (60 min) – Classroom

  • Required training materials for NRA courses
  • Procedures for ordering materials form NRA Sales
  • Characteristics, sources, and uses of training aids
  • Training aids which may be used

LESSON FOUR (60 min) – Classroom

  • The seven elements of course organization
  • Plan a hypothetical NRA Basic Course
  • Demonstrate cooperation and team spirit planning an NRA course with other instructor candidates

LESSON FIVE (60 min) – Classroom

  • Importance of using multiple senses in the training process
  • Steps necessary to teach a skill
  • Teaching principles and teaching methods
  • Use of questions in the teaching process
  • Using non-verbal communications while teaching

EXAMINATION (30 min) – Classroom

  • Take Trainer’s test: Score of 90% required for full certification


  • 6-Hour Classroom


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