Top Pollster Has Terrible News for Biden’s Fascist Vaccine Mandate

The Trafalgar Group, one of the most accurate and reliable pollsters of the last few election cycles, has only terrible news for His Fraudulency Joe Biden and his recently-announced fascist vaccination mandates.

This particular poll comes at a crucial time when the fake media are releasing fake polls to gaslight the public into believing Biden’s fascist mandates are popular. Well, all anyone needs to remember is that Trafalgar gets it right, and corrupt media outlets, like the AP and CNNLOL, deliberately juice their polls to get the outcomes they want.

Author: Glenn

Glenn has been involved with firearms since the 1980s, whether by writing articles in support of the average citizen’s right to bear arms, acting as a firearms instructor or as an outspoken activist, most notably as the founder of New York City Guns.